An evolving collection of IDE Experts, Component Editors, Property Editors and Utilities for new Delphi releases.

Supported Versions: Release which includes support for that IDE indicated after IDE version.

Some Features

Activate Project
  • Cycle through projects using defined hot keys
  • Change the active project with ease
  • Assign a thumbnail image to a project for easy identification
  • Choice of user interface
    1. Modal popup
    2. Non-Modal switch
Active Project - Switch Window
Bookmark Guide (new in Release 6)

Displays a gutter to the left (or right) of the code editor dedicated to displaying bookmark information.

Includes the following features:
  • Left click to create a new bookmark at the line displayed in the location clicked
    • Number is automatically assigned
  • Right click on an existing bookmark to remove it
  • Yellow shading indicates bookmarks exist in the source file in the location not visible on screen
  • Choice of three different viewers to quickly see all bookmarks set in the current file:
    1. Inplace where the gutter expands to display the list
    2. Popup dialog that is designed to be used with the keyboard
    3. Dockable window dedicated to the bookmarks which can be used separately as well and saved in custom desktops
Bookmark Guide
Code Template Wizard

Create new IDE Code Templates using a simple wizard interface. Supports all features available in Code Templates and allows for installation and generic saving.

Can be invoked from the following locations:
  • New Items repository
  • Edit menu, allowing to edit a currently opened template in the editor
  • Additional toolbar command added to the Templates IDE window
Code Template Wizard
Debug Visualizer Wizards (new in Release 14)

A repository wizard to simplfy the creation of custom debug visualizers for your custom objects.
  • Supports Value Replacer visualizers
  • Supports External Viewer visualizers
File Actions

A collection of commands that can perform file specific actions on either the current file open in the IDE editor, or directly in the project manager. Example Actions include:
  1. Execute a file (includes ability to execute with Admin priviledges)
  2. Make a file really read only
  3. Open the file with an external viewer
  4. Copy the specific file to another location
  5. Copy the file name and/or path to the clipboard
  6. Delete a file (and all associated files)
  7. Open command prompt at current file location
  8. Open explorer window at current file location
Resolution Selector (new in Release 6)

  • Make sure the screens you are creating fit within a specific resolution
  • Quickly view how screens would look when resized to a specific resolution via the available drop down box
  • Select the resolutions to be display on the designer surface
  • Limited FireMonkey support (designer resolution lines are not drawn, but drop down box functions as expected)
  • NOTE: Requires use of the embedded designer for designer resolution lines to be displayed
Resolution Selector
Smart Desktops (new in Release 12)

  • Synchronize desktops across multiple computers and multiple configurations.
Visual Forms

  • Navigate project forms faster using a dedicated thumbnail view
  • Find the forms you want faster using the enhanced View Units dialog
  • Inbuilt searching and filtering to enable you to find the form you want faster than you thought possible
Visual Forms dedicated site
Visual Forms
Watch Property Groups (new in Release 10)

  • Define groups of properties to watch for an object type
  • Automatically add those properties as watches for a selected object instance
Watch Property Group

NOTE: Some Utilities may work with previous Delphi versions, and are marked as such.