Important Information

JSDialog Pack (VCL) has been aquired by LMD Innovative.

LMD DialogPack homepage

This information is only available for a short period, please update any links to point to the LMD Innovative pages.

NOTE: These dialogs have been taken with an older version of JSDialog Pack

To see the full benefit of using JSDialog Pack, download the JSDialog Pack Demo Browser which gives you access to all examples that ship with JSDialog Pack in a simple to use interface.

JSDialog Pack  
TJSDialog with verification option enabled

TJSEditDialog with a edit box displayed to capture input. Running under Vista

This is a TJSDialog displaying as an old style MessageDlg

Example output under Vista of the InputCalendar wrapper function

Same TJSDialog with old style MessageDlg emulation enabled

Example output under Vista of the InputComboEx wrapper function

TJSDialog with Header (header settings are not a feature of the new Vista style Task Dialogs) and Footer options enabled

Same TJSDialog with Header and Footer options enabled and Expando button expanded

TJSDialog with Radio Buttons used. Selecting a Radio Button displays a different Icon

An expanded TJSDialog with Main instruction, Content, Extra Lines, Help Link, Expando, Verification and Footer

A borderless TJSDialog with a marquee style progress bar

It is very easy to customise fonts in the dialog