Important Information

JSDialog Pack (VCL) has been aquired by LMD Innovative.

LMD DialogPack homepage

This information is only available for a short period, please update any links to point to the LMD Innovative pages.

The JSDialog Pack consists of a number of components that not only emulate the Windows Vista TaskDialog and TaskDialogIndirect API functions on other operating systems but also provices enhancements over those APIs.

There are components for enhancing the dialogs with edit controls and also replacing the Radio Button functionality with Check Boxes. Also included are three Password specific dialogs, that allow you to capture password information by dropping a component on your form and writing a line or two of validation code.



JSDialog Pack allows you to create applications that look and act like they are using the native Vista and Windows 7 API.

With JSDialog Pack you can:
  1. Create and configure new dialogs easily.
  2. Create complex dialogs that accept and require several inputs.
  3. Take advantage of Component Editors (not in free version) and IDE Expert (coming soon) for dialog creations.
  4. Add a consistent look and feel to all dialogs in your application.
  5. Modify only your uses clause of existing applications to use the new dialog look and feel.
  6. Control the appearance of all your applications Dialogs in one place.
  7. Centralised resourcestrings for easy translation into the language you require.

More images are available on the screenshots page.

To purchase JSDialog Pack visit the purchase page.