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Compact Framework Build Helper  

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This product is no longer available!!

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Introducing Compact Framework Build Helper

Now available for Delphi 2006 (Released March 3rd, 2006)

CFBH is a Delphi IDE add in that allows you to create Delphi .NET applications that run on the compact framework.

Version 1.2 (September 15th, 2006)

It is recommended that you upgrade to version 1.2
  1. Fix Bug where source files could be deleted
  2. Ability to load when just starting the Delphi.NET personality
  3. Fix Bug where \ is prefixed to the assembly path when no Assembly Path has been specified and the Use Class Helpers button is clicked in the options dialog.

The new Delphi 2006 version adds the following features:
  1. Improved deployment options
  2. Support for project groups containing mixed projects that target the Desktop and Compact Framework platform
  3. Improved support for component assembly compilation
  4. Improved handling of rogue DCPIL files
  5. Bug Fixes

Feature List
  1. Integrated directly into the Delphi 2005/2006 IDEs
  2. Compile from within the Delphi 2005/2006 IDE
  3. Project specific options enable you to launch different emulators
  4. Configure multiple emulators with different emulator images
  5. Use Compact Framework specific assemblies
  6. Create your applications using the WinForms designer
  7. Enhance your applications functionality with the use of Class Helpers by Jeroen Pluimers
  8. Deploy to your Compact Framework Device using ActiveSync
  9. Deploy to the Emulator using Microsofts Device Connectivity (requires VS2003)
  10. Documentation includes a Getting Started Guide as well as a IDE Integration Guide (so you know where everything is in the IDE) in PDF format
  11. Includes 2 sample applications with walk through (in PDF format) to get you started

Screenshots available from the screenshots section. Videos available in the download section.

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