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Fixing FireMonkey: TMemo/TEdit – OnExit

Currently in the Delphi XE3 release there is a bug in the OnExit processing of TMemo and TEdit (possibly others) controls.


If you make a change in a TEdit or TMemo control and then exit the control, after the OnExit event is called, another OnChange event is called. This shouldn’t happen.

This doesn’t occur in the VCL framework and shouldn’t happen in FireMonkey.



The fix for the TEdit cause is pretty simple. Since the FNeedChange field in TCustomEdit is protected we can use a class cracker to fix it. You could put the fix into either a new control or in either an OnExit or OnChange handler in your application.

  TEditClass = class(TEdit);
procedure Form1.OnExit(Sender: TObject);
  TEditClass(Edit1).FNeedChange := False;

It’s interesting to note for TEdit, FNeedChange is protected. This is because in the TCustomEditBox descendant (used by TSpinBox and TNumberBox controls), the FNeedChange field is set to False after the overriden Change method is called. Perhaps this should have triggered the developer making that change, to actually fix the issue in the ancester class.


The fix for TMemo is more interesting because unlike the TCustomEdit class, FNeedChange is private. Thankfully extended RTTI comes into play.

I put this code where the memo content was saved to disk, you could put the code in the same spot in your applications (if applicable), or place it in either OnChange or OnExit events.

  LCtx: TRTTIContext;
  LField: TRttiField;
  LInst: TRttiInstanceType;
  // save your memo contents
  LInst := LCtx.GetType(Memo1.ClassType).AsInstance;
  LField := LInst.GetField('FNeedChange');
  if LField <> nil then
    LField.SetValue(Memo1, False);

If your save is triggered by the user selecting a control that takes focus from the memo, the OnExit event will trigger before executing the fix above. Under these circumstances, moving the fix to the OnExit event of the memo is advised.

Another TMemo Issue

The OnChange event is only triggered after typing two characters in a TMemo, the first character typed into the memo doesn’t trigger the OnChange event.

FireMonkey Style – TStyleTag (Part 2)

Part 1 –

Along with the missing registration of TStyleTag, the following components cannot be used in styles without hand editing FMX or Style files.

  1. TFontObject
  2. TBrushObject

I’ve updated the package to now register these missing style components so you can use them in custom styles.

Download Package

The change is straight forward if you have already downloaded and installed the previous package.

The register procedure should now look something like this:

procedure Register;
  RegisterComponents('Shapes', [TStyleTag, TFontObject, TBrushObject]);

NOTE: You may want to register them to a different palette location.


FireMonkey Style – TStyleTag

There appears to be an oversight by Embarcadero with the TStyleTag component not being registered for use.

TStyleTag is a handy little component that allows you to add it to a style definition and have it store an Integer, Float or String value. This is used in some of the default styles, one place being the TTrackBar where it is used to hold the default thumb size of the track item.

This allows you to retrieve the thumb size depending on the default style (Windows or Mac) and adjust your user interface depending on the value.

TStyleTag Component

I’ve created a package that your can compile and install into the IDE to register this component.

Download Package

The component doesn’t have to only be used in a style definition, you can drop it directly on your form if you have a use for its functionality.

NOTE: While the component is used in the default Windows and Mac styles, it doesn’t seem to be used in the other FireMonkey styles. Although I did only look in a couple of them. Perhaps something that will be address in an update.