XE+ Plus Pack – discount applied without coupon required

Seems Share-It doesn’t want to provide some users with the ability to enter a coupon. To avoid further┬áconfusion I’ve reduced the price by 40% without the need for the coupon.

This makes the price 23.20 Euro

If anyone wants to recommend a payment gateway that has an admin interface that doesn’t run like its on dial-up and actually looks like it was written after the year 2000, let me know.


  1. Glenn Crouch says:

    I’ve had no problems with FastSpring – and have had good success with their coupons



  2. Mike Versteeg says:

    Apparently I am subscribed to your blog (no idea why but you must have done something cool in the past) and saw your complaint. I too am not fond of ShareIt and did extensive research what my next payment provider would be FastSpring. I have not used them as moving away from ShareIt is a project I have not yet had time for (and for some reason ShareIt’s support suddenly improved again), so if you do give them a try I would be interested to hear if you feel it is an improvement.