CFBuild: Delphi 2006 Version Released

Compact Framework Build Helper for Delphi 2006 is now available.

Please download it from:

Expect some posts on new functionality early next week.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great, already a frequent user of the preview version for delphi 2006.

  2. Henrik Carlsen says:

    It’s me again.. I have downloaded the 1.1 but get an error entering the project-settings.

    I uninstalled the preview, removed the packages in D2006 and installed anew.

    It fails with this error message:
    “AV at address 0c1c26a6 in module ‘CFBuild100.bpl’. Read of address 00000014”

    Any idea what’s wrong?

  3. JED says:

    Please send me an email Henrik so we can sort this issue out.