XE Plus Pack – Release 12 (XE4 Support)

Release 12 of XE Plus Pack is now available for download which includes XE4 support.

Users can download the required version from the download page.

To try XE4 Plus Pack download the trial version.

Users of XE2 Plus Pack and XE3 Plus Pack can use their existing registration details to unlock XE4 Plus Pack.

New in Release 12 (for all)

Smart Desktops

Allows you to synchronize your desktops between computers and installations. This is just the first part of the Smart Desktop feature, with additional features being added in future releases.


New in Release 12 (for XE4 only)

РComponent editor for the TTabControl FireMonkey component that allows you to switch between pages using the form designer context menu, or a link at the bottom of the object inspector.

One Comment

  1. Arioch says:

    why not establishing public community-driven bugs tracker ?

    something with vote-based confirmation of bugs and their fixes?

    something where bugs could be separately tracked for different Delphi versions (bug closed for XE4 is not closed for XE3)?

    maybe even something on StackOverflow platform?