Embarcadero: Don’t hide behind bad design

Recently I created an QC report to try and get the default wizard behaviour changed to be user friendly.

The issue is that the description text for the wizard item only shows when the mouse is hovered over the item. This means that keyboard navigation will never show the description nor will just opening the dialog initially, unless you magically have your mouse in the wrong spot.

Apparently, this is the way the wizard has been designed.

Report No: 115353 (RAID: 38977) Status: Closed
The mobile wizard doesn’t show a description using you hover over the item

Mobile Wizard comparison screen captures

Another item that is also “As Designed” is the text used to describe the blank application item in the wizard. This text states:

“The Blank Application Template is a jumping off point for creating a completely custom mobile application.”

Now I acknowledge that English was the subject I liked the least at school but that sentence could be improved.

Here are a couple of alternatives that I’ve thought about in the past ten seconds.

  1. “The Blank Application Template is the starting point for creating a custom mobile application.”
  2. “Use the Blank Application Template to create a custom mobile application.”

Perhaps you can add your own.


  1. Eric says:

    That kind of QC bug closing is quite widespread, with “won’t do” and “can’t reproduce” (for blatantly trivial to reproduce issues) are one of the key factors behind the surge of QC entry getting closed during the last year. Actual bug fixes are rare, and design fixes are even rarer.

    • Peter Wright says:

      Amen. If we close our eyes and deny there are problems, it’ll all go away.

      So do the customers – a fact with which they stubbornly also seem to deny.

  2. Haizhou says:

    Not surorised. That is why Delphi was a good RAD tool, but the team control its destiny never took off the ground, eventurally fell apart. They are not market/customer oriented, but their R&D driven biz. Hope Marc’s employment can change this a bit, otherise, they wont catch the mobile/tablet new wave either. lets all pray.