JSDialog Pack 2.0.021

A new version of JSDialog Pack was sent to customers earlier this month. If you haven’t received your Delphi XE3 compatible version of JSDialog Pack, let me know.


Release History

October (2.0.021)

– Add support for Delphi XE3
– Make non-modal dialog sheets move when the form is being moved or resized
– Fix combo box items not being set when default values specified
– Fix non-native progress bar state colours being incorrect


License Change

Like XE Plus Pack, JSDialog Pack as had a license change where new licenses are now lifetime licenses with no more to pay. You will continue to receive each new version with no additional payment. This is retrospective for the past 18 months of purchases. If you think you fall into this category, send me an email from the account used for the purchase.

For those that had been customers previously and decided not to renew, but would like to, contact me and we’ll work out the top up fee.

New licenses with lifetime support and upgrades are available for 90 Euros.

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