XE3 Plus Pack

XE3 Plus Pack is now available for download.


This version supports XE3 and includes a new expert (detailed below), some minor enhancements plus some fixes.

– New expert called Watch Property Groups.

– The Bookmark Guide expert now defaults to suppressing editor bookmarks and aligning to the left of the editor.

– When displaying Options, the Visual Forms window is no longer displayed when not visible.

– When returning from viewing a form as text and there are errors treaming in the form an exception dialog would display repeatedly.

– Support Visual Forms captures for FireMonkey projects (the underlying structure of the form designer changed between XE2 and XE3).

– Logging Visual Forms messages would raise an exception on shutdown when the message view was not visible.

– Fix issue with Bookmark Guide not displaying when loading the IDE with no project.

– New command to automatically jump to the Library Paths options page. Add it to the IDE by customizing a toolbar.



Download the 30 day trial – XE3 Plus Pack Trial Download


XE2 Plus Pack users

XE2 Plus Pack registration details also work with XE3 Plus Pack. Therefore there is no need to purchase XE3 Plus Pack if you are an existing XE2 Plus Pack customer.


Pricing change

The price for XE3 Plus Pack is still only 40 Euros and now includes a lifetime license. This change also applies to existing XE and XE2 Plus Pack holders.


Watch Property Groups

The Watch Property Group expert allows you to group a number of properties you generally watch for a specific object type and adds them all to the Watch List with a click of a button.

Watch Property Group

Steps Involved

  1. Define your property group
  2. Highlight the object instance in the code editor and display the Watch Property Group window. The default shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+W.
  3. Highlight the desired watch group to use and press enter (or the first toolbar button) in the Watch Property Group dialog to add a watch for each property in the defined group.

The Watch Property Group window can be docked in the IDE and saved to your debug layout so it is always where you want it.

Additional Information available in the online help guide: http://www.jed-software.com/help/WatchPropertyGroup/WatchPropertyGroup.html



  1. Sebastian Jänicke says:

    At the moment I am evaluating the trial version. The functionality is very interesting, especially Visual Forms.
    1. Unfortunately AVG detects a virus inside the DLL. I already reported it as false positive to AVG.
    2. When using project groups I get problems with Visual Forms in Delphi XE. I had expected that I get all forms or only the forms of the active project, all would be ok, only the current project would be perfect.
    In reality I get all of the current project after pressing “refresh all”, but after switching the active project I only have left the forms shared between both projects.

    Unfortunately this means that we can’t really use Visual Forms because we often use project groups. Is this a problem with Delphi XE or is it the same in XE3?

    Thank you!

  2. JED says:

    That isn’t supposed to happen with project groups. Send me an email and I’ll sort it out. I will be releasing Release 10 for XE and XE2 shortly so you can give that a go to see if the issue is solved in the newer release.