JSDialog Pack 2.0.019

A new version of JSDialog Pack is now available to registered users with valid maintenance. If you haven’t received an email with the latest version – please contact me.


Highlighted Additions

This new version includes support for updated progress bar usage on the task bar under Windows 7.

New progress ShowOnTaskBar property

New ShowOnTaskBar property

Also included are new wrapper methods:

  • New overloaded version of VerifyMessage to support footers. (Declared in JSDialogs.pas)
  • New InputQueryVerification method which displays an input query style dialog with the verification checkbox visible. (Declared in JSEditDialogs.pas)
  • Also it is now possible to use your custom TJSEditDialog descendant for use in the edit dialog wrapper methods. Just set the new JSEditDialogClass variable in the JSEdtiDialog.pas unit to your new descendant.


Change Log

  • Add ability to display progress on the task bar under Windows 7
  • Fix memory management issue with non-modal dialogs
  • Fix unique name clashes
  • Support retrieving a button on the dialog by using its expected result value
  • Make sure dialog is updated when the glyph property is changed
  • Make sure using the SetProgressState method to change the state of the progress bar updates the progress bar in the dialog and also on the task bar
  • Change the UpdateProgress methods to functions that return the current value of the progress bar after being updated
  • Improve color usage in custom styled applications
  • New overload of the VerifyMessage wrapper method to allow setting footer information
  • Allow setting of the EditValue property in TJSEditDialog descendants
  • New event OnSetEditValue for TJSEditDialog descendants
  • Support opening files (prefix content location with “file” instead of “http“) when using the EditType of etHTML
  • New wrapper method InputQueryVerification that displays an InputQuery dialog with a checkbox on it
  • Allow specifying a default TJSEditDialog class to be used when invoking one of the TJSEditDialog wrapper methods. Set the JSEditDialogClass variable to change the default class.



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