FastMM4 Gui – Source Code

About 5 years ago, I knocked together¬†a little GUI layer on top of the .INC file for the FastMM4 project. This was to help someone (can’t remember who) that was having difficulties modifying the include file directly with all of the compiler defines.

Occasionally¬†I get requests to update it and/or release the source. Since I don’t actually use it here is the source:

Some blasts from the past:


  • The parsing code is horrible.
  • The ListBox in the UI is custom drawn to display the checkboxes. It really should be a component, but I never got to that stage and haven’t needed such a component since.
  • I changed it today to use generics, but only in one spot so wouldn’t take long to convert back. Originally it was D2006.
  • Removed all warnings when built with XE2, so ThemeServices references were changed to StyleServices.
  • I don’t know how it will look in an unthemed operating system.
  • If you have JSDialog Pack, define JSD to use JSDialog Pack dialogs for messages.
  • There is no license on the code, there is no support on the code. You are on your own! The only caveat to this is if you can’t get a clean compile from the included source code, let me know and I’ll address it.

It isn’t complex code, it is just a bit messy reading the options from the INC file. Note it uses hardcoded start and end points, so these should be adjusted in the .ini file created when the application runs – or set in the source code if no .ini file is found. Method is called LoadDefaultSettings in the MainForm unit.




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  1. Great! I wish more would do like you did.
    I think about companies. If the application isn’t make any income or used anymore, just release it as open source.

    Regards Roland