XE Plus Pack – Release 6 (XE and XE2 versions)

A new release of XE Plus Pack is now available to download.


For Delphi XE – http://www.jed-software.com/files/XEPlusPackTrial.zip

For Delphi XE2 – http://www.jed-software.com/files/XE2PlusPackTrial.zip

NOTE: Update 3 must be installed for the Delphi XE2 version.


XE Plus Pack is a collection of IDE Experts, component editors and property editors available for either Delphi XE or Delphi XE2.

Currently XE Plus Pack consists of eight experts:

  1. Visual Forms (previously available as a separate product)
  2. Activate Project
  3. File Actions
  4. Remember IDE Tree Options
  5. Find Bar Alignment
  6. New Code Template
  7. Bookmark Guide (new in Release 6)
  8. Resolution Selector (new in Release 6)

The registered version costs 40 Euro (for one year and 20 Euro each year after that).

The XE trial lasts for 15 days, the XE2 trial lasts for 30 days.


The Bookmark Guide is a replacement for the existing bookmark system.


Resolution Selector adds resolution guidelines to the form designer. Also added is a combobox to the toolbar to allow switching the currently designed form between different resolutions.



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