JSDialog Pack: Documentation

Work has almost been completed for the “Christmas Release” of JSDialog Pack. When I say almost completed there is still some testing to come and a couple of the new features are shaping nicely.

The new version will be released mid-december but I’ll go further into that when the release is closer.

One thing I’ve been concentrating on the past couple of days is updating the documentation. Unfortunately as a developer, I really like to write code, not write documentation. It is always good to have a good tool to complete this task efficiently and capable of producing a quality output (in multiple formats) in the end.

For my documentation I currently use Doc-O-Matic Professional version 6 (would like to upgrade to version 7, so you folks need to purchase some components ;-)).

The single most important feature of this product I find is the QA View. It allows me to pin point exactly what properties, methods, classes and units are yet to be documented. It is always a relief to see no red boxes (or red boxes bordered by gray – not exported content). I’ve just finished getting all of the new items documented, as well as catching up on items that were not documented when first introduced.

A good habit I got into was creating the documentation while doing the coding. This is easy to do with Doc-O-Matic supporting a number of source documenting formats. Once I update the Doc-O-Matic project with the latest source version, I then make adjustments to the documentation in the inbuilt editor. It generally works very well and cuts down on the very important requirement to have the code documented for customers.


Some useless stats

Topic Count: 2510

Number of topics without content: should be zero


Web Help

Build Time: 2 minutes 12 seconds

Size of content: ~22MB

Time to upload to website: couple of hours (2682 files)

PDF Help

Build Time: 1 minute 55 seconds

Size of content: 7.56MB

Page count: 716

Html Help

Build Time: 2 minutes 38 seconds

Size of content: 3.45MB


While the PDF and Html Help formats are available to download from the website, I recommend using the online help since it can be updated and doesn’t require an additional download or change notification.


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