JSDialog Pack – Upcoming feature (custom command link colors)

A new feature in the next release of JSDialog Pack will be the ability to customise the colors used for command link buttons. Since the introduction of VCL Styles in XE2, dialogs can undertake a radial change in colors. While currently dialogs cater for this new feature, the next release will allow greater influence over the colors used for the dialog.

You can download a preview of the editor used to create, modify and save a color scheme. While the UI of this editor will most likely change – the file format shouldn’t need changes. So you can safely save any schemes you come up with for use when the feature is released.


Command Link Color Scheme - default


Command Link Color Scheme - custom


  1. Charalampos says:

    How about adding bitmap support too ? (eg, only for the background or the whole command link)

  2. JED says:

    I will consider it, but not for the next release.

    There would be four states supported in this case:
    Normal, Hot, Pressed and Disabled.