QC Plus 1.2 now available

Never say never I guess 😉

I’ve updated QC Plus to version 1.2.

  • Added Change History page
  • Make sure the Save Detail button when entering project details in the new (edit) report wizard is enabled
  • Fixed refresh issue where retrieving newest reports initially failed
  • Updated MadExcept usage to latest
  • When using the Edit Area context menu command for an opened report, the select area dialog wasn’t laid out correctly.
  • Fix tab order in Select Area dialog
  • Improvements to the nntp ui
  • Fix some minor ui placement issues under vista
  • Update location to retrieve indy ssl libraries
  • Installer and executable are now code signed

Following a request, if you would like to support further QC Plus development – you now can:




  1. Remy Lebeau says:

    Using QC+, its “Check for latest version” feature is not finding the new update.

  2. Remy Lebeau says:

    I downloaded 1.2, did an “Initiate Update” in QC+, and pointed it to the downloaded .zip, but the version still said after the update was complete. I then ran the installer directly from the .zip manually and it updated correctly that time.

  3. JED says:

    Ah, I forgot to update the current version on the web for the update check to work. Try again, I’ve just released another update.

    I changed to just install each time. It is quick and there is no real need to inline updating. If you check, the options were removed in the initial 1.2 release.