JSDialog Pack 2.0.009

A new release of JSDialog Pack is now available.

Changes include:

  1. Added XE2 Support
  2. Added support for custom VCL styles
  3. Added 64-bit support
  4. Improved BiDiMode support
  5. Updated default images used by the command link button
  6. Removed language defined in resource files
  7. Move some methods around in preparation for the next release
  8. Improve large font support
  9. Fix layout issue when dialog has a footer and expanded content is being displayed in the footer section of the dialog.
  10. New wrapper function ShowErrorTitleMessageWithErrorAndFooter, which displays and error dialog with an expandable section that contains additional text. Can also display a footer and footer icon.
  11. Update documentation

Current customers should have already received the required update (two emails were rejected – contact support to resolve if you are missing an expected email).
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JSDialog Pack information

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