JSDialog Pack: Dialog Creator Preview

A tool to help make the creation of JSDialog Pack dialogs even easier is currently in the works. With the Dialog Creator application you can complete the sections you want the dialog to support. Once finished you can instantly preview the final look and then either copy the code required to generate the dialog, or copy the dfm required to paste it directly on a form.

Dialog Creator


Code Generation

To prove it is currently being tested, the code generation should probably call the method that actually displays the dialog!

The initial release will just support the creation of TJSDialog dialogs, with other dialog (Edit, Dual Edit [new in next release], Password and Check) support to be added in the future. As well as other code generation features and also a reusable gallery that contains the ability to save and load regularly used dialogs.

A new version of JSDialog Pack is almost ready to be released, hopefully sometime next week.


JSDialog Pack users get a 50% discount off the initial XE Plus Pack purchase, making it just 20 Euros! Contact support for details.


  1. Günter Kieninger says:

    Please make all Strings as constants like

    JsDialog1 : TJSDialog;
    string_Content = ‘This is the content for my dialog.’#13#10’Spanning multiple lines.’;

    JsDialog.Content.Text := string_content;


    That would be great to make dialogs multilingual and to customize some strings.
    Gruß aus den Bergen

  2. JED says:

    You can just use the Extract Resource String refactoring to make this easy however currently the TStrings properties use the Add method instead of a direct assignment to the Text property. This won’t be included in the first release but can be addressed in a future release.