Sneak Peak: XE Plus Pack

I’m getting very close to releasing a new product called XE Plus Pack.

This product will include a number of experts that I’ve been personally using. Some for a number of years and some very new. Ultimately the idea behind the XE Plus Pack is that it will continue to grow over time to include new Experts, Property Editors, Component Editors and Utilities for newer IDE versions.

The first release will cover Delphi XE.

While the sneak peak shows five experts listed in the new JED Software Third Party Options section, only four will be released initially. The fifth (Bookmark Guide) still needs to bake a little bit before being released.


XE Plus Pack will sell for 40 Euros (50% discount for JSDialog Pack users and Free for current Visual Forms users). Yearly renewal of 20 Euros applies for updates and to receive newer experts. Users will have the opportunity to vote for which expert gets released next (I have an extensive list earmarked for the product).


Initially XE Plus Pack will include:

  • Visual Forms
  • Activate Project
  • File Actions
  • Code Template Wizard


Upcoming items that will be included with this product:

  • (Expert) Bookmark Guide
  • (Expert/Utility) Revamped Delphi Configuration Manager
  • (Utility) Enhanced Configuration Launcher
  • (Utility/Expert) Extensive IDE Options import/export application that can run from removable media
  • (Utility) Client DataSet Editor – developed while creating QC Plus

NOTE: Some utilities won’t be limited to Delphi XE IDE versions.


I will be doing some videos to introduce the collection and specific functionality.

XE Plus Pack - Options Integration

XE Plus Pack - Options Integration


  1. I like the sound of that IDE settings exporter/importer. Two things I’d like it to include in it’s import/export package are LiveTemplates and Desktops (*.dst) layouts.

    It should also be possible to exclude any setting from the export/import operation and have those exclusion settings remembered.

    Lastly it would be great if it could either accept plugins or was scriptable so as to allow import/export of other IDE addins such as ModelMaker Code Explorer.

    There’s a few suggestions for you to keep you busy this coming long weekend. 😉

  2. JED says:

    The ability to clone a Delphi installation (settings / components / help etc.) is actually something I worked on for DCM about 4 years ago. I still have the code so something like this will appear as part of this offering.