QC Plus – purpose has been served…

Just a short note to say that QC Plus will no longer be updated. It has served its purpose for me personally and with a newer QC web service in the works and my diminished interest in the QC concept now is as good a time as any to cut the cord.

I’m told that the old API will be kept so you might still be able to use QC+ for years to come!

Source Code

Before I get people sending me emails about releasing the source code behind QC+ let me provide you with these excuses:

  1. I wrote it because I’d never consumed a webservice before and I like to “learn by doing”. translation: some of the design may or may not be flawed.
  2. It is still compiled under Delphi 2007 and surely no one is still using such an old IDE version, especially when the king of all versions (Delphi XE) was released last year. The XE icon should have been a crown…
  3. It has over 1/2 a million lines of code in it, do you really want to sift through that. Plus I tend to swear in comments when I know code is private! Especially heavily threaded code.
  4. It uses internal components that are not designed (translation: up to standard) for public consumption and I’m not interested in making them available (in any form).

Caveat: If you offer me a cheque with a large number of zero’s on it, I might be persuaded to change my mind!    (just kidding)


I’d like to take the time to thank the users of QC+ for helping me improve the application and letting me know what they thought of it (the good and the bad).

Also a special thanks to John Kaster for answering my questions about QC.


  1. gabr says:

    Too bad ’cause I’m still using it as a primary tool to access QC.

    Let’s hope it will keep working for a loooong time.

  2. Robert Love says:

    Thanks for putting time into it.

    Where have you seen of a new QC webservice?

  3. Too bad you have to take this step, but I do understand it.

    Can you tell us more about the new QC web services?

    I wish I could persuade you to open up the QCPlus sources, but that cheque thing… I won’t be able to make that 😉