Visual Forms 2.0 Features #2 (Enhanced View Units dialog)

Visual Forms 2.0 includes a replacement for the existing View Units dialog.

In more recent Delphi releases, the View Units dialog has seen some enhancements. What Visual Forms does is expand on these recent enhancements (there is no loss in current functionality) and then raises the bar a couple of notches.

Here is a screen capture from the Delphi 2007 version of the View Units dialog.

View Units - Delphi 2007

Here is the Visual Forms 2.0 version of the View Units dialog.

View Units - Visual Forms

Visual Forms has also taken over the Ctrl+F12 shortcut used for this dialog.

View Units - Visual Forms Menu Item

Apart from the obvious enhancements (it shows a preview of the form in the dialog while navigating it), it also supports sub string filtering and being able to display units across all files in the current project group.

Sub String Filtering

The sub string filtering is really the killer feature here and it doesn’t exist in ANY of the current Delphi versions.

View a short video (20 seconds) of the feature in action.

This feature came in very handy recently when I knew I had to make a change to an “attachment” form in QC Plus but couldn’t recall the unit name. Typing and looking at the form previews saved we valuable time.

Support for all Delphi versions

This feature is available for all versions of Delphi that Visual Forms 2.0 supports. This means Delphi 5 to Delphi 2010 (except Delphi 8).

Future Visual Forms versions will see this new feature improved significantly. That is why there is a blank space to the right of the search box!

Snag It 10

Has anyone else recently upgraded to Snag It version 10 and noticed that most times a TButton won’t capture correctly. Look at the OK button in the first capture. The finally provide transparency and fix the zoom bug, but unfortunately capturing a button is now hit or miss.

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