VCL Ribbon – Context Tabs

Context Tabs was bought up in a comment to my MDI post.

I’ve been putting considerable effort into getting this working for one of my personal projects. I think it looks pretty good.

Design Time

Design Time





Runtime (second tab)

Runtime (second tab)

Unfortunately it isn’t viable to release these changes to the public. This just proves that it is possible though!

If you posted a comment on the previous post, I’ve responded to all comments now.


  1. Gregor says:

    Awesome ! I’m really looking forward to see a such feature in Delphi. And I’m not alone to ask this (see QC #75627).

    Some questions :

    – In the picture showing the design time appearance, there is two title bars : the ribbon one, and the form one. But on runtime, the ribbon title bar is “merged” with the window title bar, like MS Office. I can’t reproduce this behaviour with the component provided with D2009. Here, the Ribbon title bar is always used. Is there a property to change ? Is this is a new feature specific to D2010 ? Something you added in your code branch but not in the CodeGear branch ?

    – Do you plan to add Windows 7 Scenic style ?

    Hope I’m clear. Anyway, thank you again for your work.

  2. Dels says:

    Pic #2 & #3 looks like it was one of the TMS Software Component

  3. Delphichem says:

    This is a great job, but for persons like me who don’t have enough experience in component developpement, it will never be possible to use this feature

  4. murphy says:

    This looks really great. 🙂

    Why isn’t it possible to release the changes? You can create a .patch file for others to apply the patches 😉 Or you could direct us in the right directions with some more tips. Otherwise is it possible to create a new component for this?

  5. JED says:

    @Dels > I can assure you it is not a pic of someone elses component. The context tab skins are from the same people that created the original ribbon skins and are heaps more accurate in look than what I have seen in many other component sets.

    @Gregor > The title bar is a Delphi 2010 feature. I’m waiting for the public CTP of Office before looking more into the windows 7 look. Pointless making a view on something that hasn’t been released officially yet.