New Article on CDN (with cool example)

A new article by me has been posted on the CDN site.

Extending the Project Manager Context menu

The article shows you how to create your own context menu items for use in the Project Manager.

The main sample addin adds a “Windows Explorer” context menu that has 4 submenus.
These are:

  1. Copy Filename to clipboard (obvious)
  2. Copy File Path to clipboard (obvious)
  3. Command Line Here (opens a command prompt at the folder of the item selected)
  4. Explorer Here (opens a explorer at the folder of the item selected)

Please read the article, post questions and rate it.

The CodeCentral download includes full source code as well as binaries (BDS 2006) for the add in. The binaries also work in Delphi 2007 with recompiling.

I’ve been using this in my own IDE version for about 5 months now and can’t live without it. Hope you find it useful as well.



  1. Michael says:


    thanks for your great article, I really like it and it helped me to install my own context menu.

    However I have got a little AV problem. I compile and install the WhatIdent example. All runs well and I can see two menu entries.

    However when removing this package using IDE menu Component|Install Package pressing the Remove button, I get AVs when right clicking again into the project manager:

    20c4940b +063 coreide100.bpl IDEServices 3296 +3 IDEServices.TIDEServices.ModifyCustomMenu
    20bcdec4 +0b0 coreide100.bpl ContainerMgr 766 +4 ContainerMgr.TProjectMenuManager.ModifyCustomMenu
    20bd7a68 +070 coreide100.bpl Containers 2690 +13 Containers.TStdContainer.ModifyCustomMenu
    It seems that something gets not freed when removing the package from the IDE.

    Any guess where the problem is?

  2. JED says:

    Hi Michael,

    This is actually a known problem with Delphi 2006. If you are seeing this in Delphi 2007 then I suggest you post a QualityCentral report (

    Report No: 38098 (RAID: 243669) Status: Closed
    RemoveMenuCreatorNotifier doesn’t remove notifier