Spacely – Glass

I have been given permission by CodeGear to discuss some of the new features and improvements in Spacely, the next release of Delphi. When released, Spacely will be known as Delphi 2007 for Win32.

One new feature added to the Spacely IDE is support for Glass. It is important to understand that Glass is only available under Vista when aero is active.

TForm now has a published property called GlassFrame. The GlassFrame property is a TGlassFrame which contains the following properties.

Bottom – Number of pixels from the bottom covered in glass

Enabled – The glass feature must be enabled before it is visible

Left – Number of pixels from the left covered in glass

RightNumber of pixels from the right covered in glass

SheetOfGlass – When true, the entire form is glass

Top – Number of pixels from the top covered in glass

Here is Spacely running under Windows XP. This form has the Glass feature enable around the edges.

As you can see in the screen shot, when glass is enabled the form area that will appear as glass under Vista is drawn with diagonal pattern.

Running this sample application under Windows XP, displays as a normal form. When run under Vista, it displays like the following screen shot.

The large version of the first screen shot gives clues to two other changes to the IDE for Spacely. Do you see what they are?


  1. Robert says:

    > The large version of the first screen shot gives clues to two other
    > changes to the IDE for Spacely. Do you see what they are?

    Not sure…
    – Its CodeGear Delphi, not Borland Delphi

    – The tabs are now rounded and have lost the unnerving close button

    – The IDE works with XP-Style

  2. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the information, I do have a question though. I have only done limited testing with Vista which have all been done with Delphi 7. I found when trying to extend the glass the DWM would only effect the area if it was the color black. The problem with that was if I was to create a form entirely of glass then place a label on the form the label would disappear because the font color was black. Change it to red and it appeared.

    How does the GlassFrame handle this? Does it behind the scenes change the areas specified to black or could I have been doing something entirely wrong which I more than willing to admit.


    Jeremy Brown

  3. Steve Trefethen says:

    This threw me for a loop for a minute because it reads “Wednesday Feb 28” when it’s clearly Tuesday Feb 27 here in Scotts Valley. 🙂

  4. BTS says:

    We really appreciate all the feedback you have given us. Lots of work to do yet, but we are excited about the product.

  5. Marco Breveglieri says:

    Two more changes to the IDE… mmmh… are you referring to Build and Output tabs?

  6. Albert Research says:

    could it be….
    1) CodeGear Delphi instead of Borland
    2) Starteam is not there.

  7. JED says:


    * True the name has changed
    * IDE is themed (That was one I was after)

    * To draw black text on a glass enabled window under GDI you need to use DrawThemeEx

    * Some of us are always a step ahead 😉

    * The build tab has always been there however the Output tab is new (and part of the second new thing I was looking for)

    * True
    * True (no starteam) – not what I was looking for though

    The two things I was after was:

    1) IDE is now themed. If you don’t want to work with a themed Form Designer, you need to disable themes at the system level.

    2) Project file have a new extension (the old one didn’t last long). Projects now have the extension “dproj”. This is because the IDE now uses MSBuild to build projects.

    Sorry for the late reply – too busy playing around 😉

  8. Annerose says:

    These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.