CFBuild: Version 1.2 now available

Version 1.2 of Compact Framework Build Helper is now available.

This version has the following changes:

* Fix Bug where source files could be deleted
* Ability to load when just starting the Delphi.NET personality
* Fix Bug where \ is prefixed to the assembly path when no Assembly Path has been specified and the Use Class Helpers button is clicked in the options dialog.

This version supports BDS 2006 (with just the Delphi.NET personality loaded) as well as the new Turbo Delphi.NET PRO product.

This add-in does not support the Turbo Delphi.NET Explorer product.


  1. Anonymous says:

    where can i find the cf compiler for delphi 2006 since i have only D2006 in a machine & I get a message that the compiler requires d2005 when i try to install the cf compiler

  2. JED says:

    Hmm. That is odd.
    Can you email me a screenshot of the error message.

    Does it happen during the install?