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JSDialog Pack 2.0.007 and JSDialog Creator

The new release of JSDialog Pack is now available.

Changes include:

  1. Ability to return section clicked on when the dialog is visible. Handle this in the new event OnDialogClick.
  2. Added Animate property to the existing Expando property. This controls the expanding and collapsing visual effect of the dialog. This is off by default.
  3. Added new property MoreScrollBars which controls the scrollbars property of the expanded footer content when MoreFormat is mfRTF. The default setting is ssBoth, which is how it currently works.
  4. Improve the displaying of dialog text (Ctrl+C to capture dialog content to the clipboard) that contains Rich Text in an expanded footer.
  5. New wrapper function ShowErrorTitleMessageWithError, which displays and error dialog with an expandable section that contains additional text.
  6. New registered component TJSDualEditDialog which is a dialog that allows for editing two text fields at once. Include DualEditProperties to setting the initial text field values, and also setting the caption for each field. EditValue1 and EditValue2 properties return the entered text values.
  7. New supported Edit Type
  8. RTF (etRTF)
  9. New InputQuery and InputQueryEx wrapper function overloads to support new TJSDualEditDialog component
  10. New Caption Alignment property supported in the new overloads to control if the labels are right or left aligned in the dialog. This property will be supported further in future releases.
  11. Publish and make editable the Background property on a TJSCaptionControl component
  12. New Property EditProperties.AllowActiveControl, when False prevents the edit control in a TJSEditDialog from being active when the dialog is displayed.

JSDialog Creator
New external tool to aid in the creation of dialogs. Has the ability to generate dialog source code, or dialog DFM representation for adding into your application.