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Spacely – Build feedback

With the introduction of the new build system, MS Build it is now possible to select how much feedback you get.

In the Environmental Options page of the Options dialog there is now a dropdown in the Compiling and Running group. By default the value is set to Normal.

As you can see in the screen shot there are 5 different settings for the build Verbosity.

This build output is created on the new Output tab in the messages window. Final build information is still available on the messages tab regardless of the Verbosity set.

I’ve built a sample application in Spacely and set the Verbosity to each setting. Click on the link to that particular setting to open up a text file with the saved output. The text file will open into a new browser window. For interest sake I’ve also put the size of the output file in the table below.

Quiet 0KB No text is output
Minimal 2KB Example file
Normal 3KB Example file
Detailed 7KB Example file
Diagnostic 19KB Example file

With one of these settings you should now be confident knowing what is actually being built when you hit the compile button.

Spacely – Tool Palette enhancement

When the new Tool Palette was introduced in Delphi 2005 it seemed you either loved it or hated it. Most that gave the new Tool Palette a chance think that it is far superior to the older component palette. I am definitely one of those.

The best feature of the Tool Palette was the filtering ability. Click on the caption and begin typing and any components that start with the text entered are displayed.

An improvement to the Tool Palette in Spacely is that the search is now a “contains” search, so if I type in dialog all components that contain dialog in its name are displayed in the tool palette.

Don’t like the new feature? Easy, just start all your filters with T.

It is also important to point out that the Tool Palette was the cause of some slowness in BDS2006. Especially when you had a large number of components installed. With Spacely there has been significant work on all things speed related. The Tool Palette received some attention and is now a very slick part of the IDE.

Spacely – Glass revisited

Jeremy (not me) mentioned in a comment about black text not appearing on a glass enabled form. This is not an issue with Spacely.

Here are a couple of screen shots:

I’ve got a couple of other things about Spacely I want to mention in the coming days.

Spacely – Glass

I have been given permission by CodeGear to discuss some of the new features and improvements in Spacely, the next release of Delphi. When released, Spacely will be known as Delphi 2007 for Win32.

One new feature added to the Spacely IDE is support for Glass. It is important to understand that Glass is only available under Vista when aero is active.

TForm now has a published property called GlassFrame. The GlassFrame property is a TGlassFrame which contains the following properties.

Bottom – Number of pixels from the bottom covered in glass

Enabled – The glass feature must be enabled before it is visible

Left – Number of pixels from the left covered in glass

RightNumber of pixels from the right covered in glass

SheetOfGlass – When true, the entire form is glass

Top – Number of pixels from the top covered in glass

Here is Spacely running under Windows XP. This form has the Glass feature enable around the edges.

As you can see in the screen shot, when glass is enabled the form area that will appear as glass under Vista is drawn with diagonal pattern.

Running this sample application under Windows XP, displays as a normal form. When run under Vista, it displays like the following screen shot.

The large version of the first screen shot gives clues to two other changes to the IDE for Spacely. Do you see what they are?