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JSDialog Pack – Article: Using TFrame to create more advanced dialogs

About six months ago a new JSDialog Pack user queried about customising the TJSEditDialog component to include multiple edits (and other components) but keep the same consistent look and feel with the other dialogs in the application.

That answer is to use a TFrame and design the frame layout in the IDE and code your dialog from there.

To help the user I wrote the following document to answer the request.

Using TFrame to create more advanced dialogs (25 pages)

JSDialog Pack 2.0.001

A new version of JSDialog Pack is now available. Users with valid maintenance should have already received their copy a few weeks ago.

More details can be found on the website:

Delphi 2010 Support

Delphi 2010 versions of Visual Forms and JSDialog Pack will be released within the week.
Some final testing and additional documentation is still required.

JSDialog Pack

The release for JSDialog Pack is a large update that adds many new features and abilities. It also sees the debut of a vastly improved help file and demos.

There were no code changes required for Delphi 2010 support so the current version will compile and run without error.

Visual Forms

The release for Visual Forms will just be a point release and only to add Delphi 2010 support. This is because Version 2 of Visual Forms is continuing in the background and isn’t quite ready for deployment. If you have feature requests – you have a little while before the new features phase is complete.

Delphi Configuration Manager

An updated version will be available mid to late September.

JSDialog Pack: New Release (Delphi 2009 support)

All registered users should now have been notified and sent the latest version of JSDialog Pack (TJSDialog and/or TJSEditDialog) which includes full Delphi 2009 Support.

If you have not received your notification, please contact us via the support email address.

The latest version numbers are:

    TJSDialog – 1.0.053
    TJSEditDialog – 1.0.011

Next JSDialog Pack Version

This was sent yesterday to all registered users of JSDialog Pack (or just TJSDialog). Reposting here because occasionally emails get lost or rejected.

I am putting the finishing touches on the next official release of JSDialog Pack. By now, Delphi 2009 users should have had enough time to make sure there were no issues with the Delphi 2009 beta version that was sent out at the start of October.

If you have always wanted to request a feature (for either JSDialog or JSEditDialog) but never got around to it, now is your chance. This will be the last update (unless a hotfix is needed) until March, 2009.

Update: One response so far has been to allow supporting the GNUGetText localization method. This is currently being considered.