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Ribbon – using a ribbon style for a normal menu

Recently the following QC report was created:

Report No: 102419 (RAID: 289385)          Status: Open
RibbonStyleActnCtrls: No dropdown arrows of Actiontoolbar buttons

I noticed it and included the changes necessary to make it work. Since the ribbon functionality uses additional properties on TActionClientItem, these can be set for normal menu items to get the desired outcome. These additional properties are ignored by existing styles.

An alternate solution is a source code change that is also documented on the report. This source code change is not interface breaking, so you just need to copy the modified file into your applications folder.


As noted on the report, a ribbon style won’t work if the user selects the option in the ActionManager to use “large” images. This is due to the large button size on the ribbon being three times the height of a small button, instead of two that the ActionManager expects.

Action Manager: Bug Fix

I mentioned that I finally got bugged enough by a bug in the Action Manager components that I fixed it.

I have added the workaround to the QualityCentral report.

Report No: 31683 (RAID: 244036)          Status: Open
ActionManager Memory issue with FastMM4 installed

Hope you find it useful.

QC Plus: Blah, blah

In case you haven’t noticed, I changed my mind about releasing an update on the weekend. Mostly this is because I had other things that were more important but also because I wanted to check out some memory issues and do a few more minor fixes.

One thing I had to do before resolving any memory issues (using FastMM4) was to fix this VCL bug.

Report No: 31683 (RAID: 244036) Status: Open
ActionManager Memory issue with FastMM4 installed

Which I managed to do. Probably not the most elegant of fixes, but it works and now I can get the full FastMM4 report readout.

As for when I will release the next update, well I changing my strategy for that question.

“When I feel it is ready” 🙂

PS: Feel free to send any crash reports you get. I read them (and often respond to them) so don’t think you are wasting your time.