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CFBuilder: The Future

Well to put it bluntly, it doesn’t have one.

With CodeGear announcing the removal of the WinForms designers from the upcoming Highlander release, there really is no place of CFBuilder.

It was a fun tool to work with. It helped me learn a lot about many new IDE OpenTool API’s I hadn’t used before.

I really didn’t expect it to be so popular (my ISP threatened to ban me because of the downloads!), although because of this popularity it got to the feature stage it was today.

I really must say thanks to Jeroen Pluimers for giving me the motivation needed to get the releases out to you guys and for his wonderful Class Helpers. His work with Class Helpers for CF specific features just proves how valuable they are for Delphi developers.

What does the future hold for Delphi and CF development, who knows.

I guess the burning question everyone is wanting to know is whether or not they will see my little game that I wrote for the CF framework. Well, I’ll be honest and say a decision is yet to be made. Perhaps 60% (yes) – 40% (no) as I write this.

CFBuild: Version 1.2 now available

Version 1.2 of Compact Framework Build Helper is now available.

This version has the following changes:

* Fix Bug where source files could be deleted
* Ability to load when just starting the Delphi.NET personality
* Fix Bug where \ is prefixed to the assembly path when no Assembly Path has been specified and the Use Class Helpers button is clicked in the options dialog.

This version supports BDS 2006 (with just the Delphi.NET personality loaded) as well as the new Turbo Delphi.NET PRO product.

This add-in does not support the Turbo Delphi.NET Explorer product.

CFBuild: Delphi 2006 Version Released

Compact Framework Build Helper for Delphi 2006 is now available.

Please download it from:

Expect some posts on new functionality early next week.

CFBuild: Build and Run buttons disabled when reopening project?

I have received a number of emails mentioning that the Build and Run buttons are disabled when you reopen a Compact Framework project. Unfortunately this is a bug in the current release (which is fixed in the next version).

To workaround this bug, perform the following steps:

  1. Load project
  2. Right click on the project in the Project Manager and select the “Compact Framework Project Options” menu item
  3. A dialog will display with a checkbox on it. Check the checkbox and click OK
  4. Build and Run buttons should now enable correctly

A new version is just about ready to be released that addresses this issue.

If you have any requests or bugs you have come across I suggest you send me an email about them real soon.