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QC Plus 1.2.1.x now available

When it rains, it pours…

A minor update to fix a few extreme corner case issues plus make the installation more customisable. Also remove a “ShowMessage” that shouldn’t have been displayed (stupid large fonts debugging) and some layout in the options dialog (love live the buggy as hell TGridPanel in delphi 2007).

QC Plus 1.2 now available

Never say never I guess 😉

I’ve updated QC Plus to version 1.2.

  • Added Change History page
  • Make sure the Save Detail button when entering project details in the new (edit) report wizard is enabled
  • Fixed refresh issue where retrieving newest reports initially failed
  • Updated MadExcept usage to latest
  • When using the Edit Area context menu command for an opened report, the select area dialog wasn’t laid out correctly.
  • Fix tab order in Select Area dialog
  • Improvements to the nntp ui
  • Fix some minor ui placement issues under vista
  • Update location to retrieve indy ssl libraries
  • Installer and executable are now code signed

Following a request, if you would like to support further QC Plus development – you now can:



QC Plus 1.1

A new version of QC Plus is now available for download.

I suggest you have a read through the “What’s Changed” document.

QC Plus: Blah, blah

In case you haven’t noticed, I changed my mind about releasing an update on the weekend. Mostly this is because I had other things that were more important but also because I wanted to check out some memory issues and do a few more minor fixes.

One thing I had to do before resolving any memory issues (using FastMM4) was to fix this VCL bug.

Report No: 31683 (RAID: 244036) Status: Open
ActionManager Memory issue with FastMM4 installed

Which I managed to do. Probably not the most elegant of fixes, but it works and now I can get the full FastMM4 report readout.

As for when I will release the next update, well I changing my strategy for that question.

“When I feel it is ready” 🙂

PS: Feel free to send any crash reports you get. I read them (and often respond to them) so don’t think you are wasting your time.

QC Plus: New version this weekend

I’ve finally decided to finish off a few things and release an update for QC Plus. There are two reasons for this update:

  1. Support the new voting system
  2. The way project platforms are loaded has changed (technically might not have changed but new lookup data has perhaps identified a false assumption on my part)

Voting changes

Previously you could allocate up to 10 votes within a project. Now non sysops can allocate up to 10 votes for a single report. Depending on a sysops level, they are allowed to allocate even more votes to a single report. For example, as a sysop level 2, I can allocate up to 20 votes per report.

Another change is that you can now vote against a report. You do this by entering in a negative vote number. So -10 will allocate 10 votes against the report.

Previously QC Plus had an allocate votes dialog that allowed you to type in the number of votes to set against report – I doubt it was used much though, because the other interface shortcuts were just too efficient.

With the new voting system, a new user interface was required. This user interface was created with TJSEditDialog and appears below. I did have a nice little image of a ballot box to the left of the instruction, however redistributing it was going to be a copyright violation.

The new voting system might see the demise of one QC Plus feature though, the Vote List. Given that you can now vote on every report in the system, this feature could consume a large amount of memory.

So new version is coming up. Stay tuned.

Ann: QC Plus 1.0 now available

QC Plus is the native windows QualityCentral client that I’ve been developing off and on since 2004.

It was windows client formally called JED, QC.

You can download the installation from the download page on my website:

There are a heap of features in this version, but I’d hate to spoil the fun of finding them all by telling you what they all are.

There is a short video in the support section detailing a common question, that also shows a few features (if you can stand the first 20 seconds of my mumbling and indecision )

It should play nice with existing JED, QC RC2 installations, if not, you may want to delete your cached data (steps on the support page).

There is a help file included that is actually quite full and has not only user interface features but also some info about QualityCentral in general.

There are some other articles in the works and hopefully I will be able to post a link to them soon.

If you find a bug in the client you can choose to do either of the following things:

1) Ignore it and get frustrated everytime you come across it
2) Email me about it (my email is in the about box)
3) Post it in QualityCentral against the “JED QC” platform in the QualityCentral project. Please search incase it is already in there though.

I’d like to take the time to thank the following folks for helping out:

* Dave and Levi from Clever Icons for donating the splash image and icons –
* Steema Software for donating TeeChart PRO to me to use –
* Sinan at InstallAware for the copy of Installaware Studio – www.installaware (The setup is really slick and shows what you can do with an MSI installation)

A special thanks to all the testers for the feedback, requests and for keeping me interested along the way.


QC Plus: Rating reports

There is a lot of talk about voting and rating reports in QualityCentral on the newsgroups at the moment. A common issue is that people don’t truly understand what each of these items are for.

I’m going to focus on report rating for this post because I’ve just unwillingly changed the user interface to QC Plus. About 3 days before the version 1.0 release because of this discussion.

First disclaimer: I like the original implementation of rating a report interface. If you know what rating a report means, there is nothing wrong with the user interface. If you don’t take the time to find out what rating a report means, you could mess it up.

If you don’t take the time to find out what the brake pedal does, you could die.

The new user interface is now the default user interface for report rating. You have to use the new interface at least once, before being able to revert back to the previous (or alternative) interface.

The changes made

  1. Where possible when rating a report the text now mentions Quality. So instead of “Rate Report” it is “Rate Report Quality”. Will that help, probably not.
  2. The Rating / Voting group visible when viewing a report is now captioned as Feedback. When rating a report you are providing feedback to a) the report creator b) other users and c) your friendly neighborhood sysop.
  3. Where previously you clicked on the value you wanted to rate a report, you now have to click a button captioned “Set Quality”. Unfortunately Set Report Quality didn’t really fit so a compromise for the caption text had to be reached. Will be interesting to see what the German translation of that text will be!

When you press the Set Quality button the following dialog displays:

Second disclaimer: Text isn’t final. If you have suggestions feel free to post a comment or email me (available in profile).

You then select the radiobuttons text that you think best describes the quality of the report; then click OK. If you are playing the numbers game – “rating value”) “rating string”

  1. Useless
  2. Poor
  3. Average
  4. Good
  5. Excellent

If you want the old, better and more efficient (my opinion naturally) interface back – check the I prefer to use the alternate rating interface. The option only sticks when you click OK – so that is like confirming you now understand what rating a report really means!

I’ve also updated the help file that ships with QC Plus to include further detail and a little FAQ about rating the quality of a report. Clicking the link will take you to that specific page.

Naturally even with such a dialog guiding the user, abuse or neglect can still occur.

Clear as mud, eh?

JED, QC: The final post

When the new version of my QualityCentral client is released it will not be called JED, QC.

The name has been changed to QC Plus (QCP, QC+). I was eagar to remove JED from the title and the name was selected from many put forward by some of my more vocal users. There was a version that some folks had that was called “Name Me”!

QC Plus has many new features and bug fixes. I’ve written a couple of new articles about these features and these will be available either before, or as soon as QC Plus is available to download.

Special thanks to Levi from CleverIcons, who not only donated the splash image and icon for QC Plus but took my “pen on paper” sketch of an image and made it look very good.