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It was time for a Logo…

Sometimes you just have to face facts and get a professionals help!

Recently this is what I did. I needed a nice logo for my very ordinary (yes I know) website. I contacted Dave from Clever Icons and gave him an idea of what I wanted.

I accepted the supplied quote and the next day I got an email from one of his designers with 6 potential logos. I chose two from the six and sent back some comments. The designer took my comments and created 5 variations of the two I selected.

From that I then made my choice for the style. I wanted to know how one other variation would look. I again received an email with six variations on it for my chosen style (some were the same as the previous ones).

From this list, I made my decision. The glossy effect was added and this is what the JED Software logo looks like. I’m really happy with it.

Also be on the lookout for an updated website using a layout created by Clever Icons as well. I just need to transfer the content.

I will admit that I put the guys at Clever Icons under a bit of pressure as I needed the logo for my CodeRage virtual booth.

I now have a vector based logo in a number of formats as well as the original EPS files. The great thing about vector based images is they are basically infinitely resizable. I also got several different colour variations (white on black x2, black on white x2, gray scale, colour and glossy).

If your looking for some custom image work, I thoroughly recommend Clever Icons.

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