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Spacely – 5 Things I like about Delphi 2007

I’ve been away from reading blogs the last couple of days because I’ve been busy putting preparing for CodeRage and some other goodies and I missed being tagged by Steve Trefethen.

Here are my five favourite features of Delphi 2007 for Win32.

(in no specific order)

1. The new welcome page by Daniel Wischnewski
2. The overall performance increase of the IDE
3. Improved Code Insight* and Error Insight
4. New Vista Support
5. The addition of Build Configurations


6. My name appearing in the credits 😉

I was going to blog separately about an enhancement to Code Insight but haven’t found the time. Code Insight now displays the lists contents using the same syntax highlighting as your code editor! Very cool. It is one of those small changes that you like so much you think it has been there all along!

Spacely – It’s non-breaking (mostly) and some DBExpress Info

Spacely is a non interface breaking release with BDS2006. What this means is if you have DCUs for components, you shouldn’t need the source code to use them in Spacely. The same is true for packages and also IDE add ins. Some add ins may not work correctly because of implementation changes but they should install without issue. If they don’t work – be sure to contact your vendor!

I said mostly because Spacely ships with a new version of DBExpress (DBExpress4). Some of the DBExpress units have had interface changes, for example DbXpress.pas has been deprecated, SqlExpr.pas has changed and DBXCommon and some others are new.

The source to the DBExpress4 framework and to the drivers written in object pascal (or is it Delphi) will ship. The source to the old C++ drivers still won’t be delivered.

DBExpress4 also includes Connection Pooling and Tracing driver which are delegate drivers written in object pascal. You get the source to those as well.

For more information on DBExpress4, it’s best to go and read Steve Shaughnessy’s CodeGear blog:

To show how non-breaking the Spacely release is, here is the current beta of Visual Forms (compiled in BDS2006) and running in Spacely.

Visual Forms is a form thumbnail IDE add in for Delphi 6 through Delphi 2007. Expect Version 1.3 to strangely be released around the time Delphi 2007 is released (which I honestly don’t know when that will be – so don’t ask!).

For more information on Visual Forms visit

TJSDialog – Trial version update

Registered users got a TJSDialog update a day or so ago, now I have updated the Trial/Non-commercial version on the TJSDialog download page.

Fixes the case of the magical focus rect as well as some other minor issues.

Stay tuned as I’m about to do a short video capture of the Component Editor that is available in the registered version.

TJSDialog: New release available for registered users

I just mailed out notification of a new release to all registered users. If you didn’t get one, please send me an email so we can work out why you didn’t.

Free non-commercial and trial versions will be made available in a week or so. Demo application has been updated to use newer release.

Information now available on website:


JED, QC: New CodeGear domain changes

To change the webservice URL and clipboard copy features to now use the CodeGear domain please do the following.

  1. Start JED, QC
  2. Click on Tools | Options
  3. Select the Paths and URLs node on the left
  4. Change the Borland text to CodeGear
  5. Press OK
  6. Shutdown and restart

Job done!

Visual Forms – Price change

I posted this on the newsgroups a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post it here.

In January the price for Visual Forms will increase from 35 Euros to 50 Euros. This change will not occur before January 15th. Not sure how long a price change takes to be accepted in Share-It.

A new beta version of the next Visual Forms update should be sent to registered users in the next day or so. Initial beta will only be for BDS2006 users because of some severe Open Tools limitations I have to work around in previous Delphi versions.

Have a safe new years everyone!

Christmas Break

I’m off for a couple of days over the Christmas period. Unfortunately orders cannot be processed over this time and support queries may also not be answered.

I’ll be back processing orders and fulfilling support queries on the 27th of December.

Have a Happy Christmas and if driving a long way (or riding* in my case) – Drive Safely!

I’m just about to ride my bike 180kms this morning – at least I don’t have to carry the presents with me!


TjsDialog – Released to preorders

The initial release of TjsDialog has been sent to everyone that preordered. Thanks to those folks.

The free/trial version will be available in the new year.

I will also put up some comparison images at this time. Feel free to also send me images of Vista dialogs and I’ll post the image, the TjsDialog equivalent as well as the required TjsDialog code.

TjsDialog: Release Info and Demo Application

The TjsDialog component is almost ready for release and here is your opportunity to try one of the demo applications that will ship with the component.

How much does it cost?

  • The component costs 40 Euros per developer.
  • There is no site license available. If you require more than 20 licenses, contact me for pricing.

Want to preorder?

  • share-it link for purchase.
  • If you would prefer to use PayPal then you need to contact me before purchasing (helps to minimize false payments).

What does purchasing this component get me?

  • Full source
  • Additional controls used by the dialog
  • TjsDialog specific component editors
  • Priority support

What to try an exe-demo?

  • Download exe-demo of TjsDialog. The demo zip file contains 2 files. The executable (TjsDialogDemo.exe) as well as a warning.rtf file. The demo requires this file for one of the dialogs.

What to see a video about configuring TjsDialog?

  • Currently being worked on.

December 20th is the official release day. The free version should also be available on this day for those that want to trial the component first. Remember the free version is only for non-commercial applications. To view the non-commercial license, please click here.

Currently on BDS 2006 is supported. This includes the Turbo products. Delphi6, 7 and 2005 will also be supported with the full release version, as will a VCL.NET under BDS 2006.

The free version will not work with VCL.NET. You must purchase the full version to use with VCL.NET.

NOTE: This dialog does NOT currently wrap the official TaskDialog and TaskDialogIndirect API functions on Vista.

While this is planned as a free update to the dialog functionality, some options cannot be emulated by the official Vista API functions.

The importance of this feature will be determined by users.

TjsDialog: Dialogs and Vista

One of the new features of Vista is TaskDialogs. These are more complex versions of the old MessageDlg functionality. In some cases a lot more complex.

You can read more about TaskDialogs from the following links:

Since reading these posts I’ve come up with my own Delphi component that mimics most of the behaviour of the TaskDialog functionality. Eventually all functionality will be covered.

To see what it looks like in action here are a couple of screenshots from an application:





The component is currently called TjsDialog but this name may change. It will eventually be available for purchase from my website. There will be commerical and non-commercial license options. One will be free (without source), the other will have a small cost and include source.

I’ll post Vista pictures tomorrow plus perhaps even a demo application.